Alexander Blumenau:

Since the early nineties Alexander devoted himself to photography. His main focus lies on nature’s beauty and architecture, often depicted as iconic landscapes – but sometimes also drifting into the abstract, even alienating conceptual. His photographic subjects are found in the Guatemalan jungles, the metropolises and cities, and the tundra landscapes and the impressive mountains of the far North.

German-born, his scientific work as a physicist gave him the chance to travel and work all over the world. From 1999, for half a decade, the South of England becomes his second home. This period on the British Isles, with their rugged coastline, their moors and quickly changing weather, has a major influence on his photographic evolution and his style.

A small selection of his work can be seen here: Alexander’s work at the INSIDE GALLERY

Andrea Windolph:

The fascination for photography – and hence for the chance to permanently capture and preserve those special and unique moments in life – caught Andrea Windolph already in her childhood days. Ever since, in her work she guides the eye towards beauty, which resides even in the common and the ordinary. Lonesome, yet spectacular landscapes, in special light and mood, become the centrepieces of attention. And so do the details, trivial only at first glance. She often longs for extreme closeness with her subjects, and at the same time surprises us with unusual perspective.

Andrea started her career as an IT specialist in Germany, however, photography became a growing part of her life. Following several years as a portrait and wedding photographer, today she works exclusively as a freelancer and focuses mainly on detail and landscape photography during her travels.

A small selection of her work can be seen here: Andrea’s work at the INSIDE GALLERY

Since 2013 Alexander and Andrea present part of their Scandinavian photo work within their audio-visual live show „Sápmi – Swedish Lapland“ on stage in Germany.